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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

KW Insurance will give you a competitive home insurance quote that will keep your personal property and belongings safe, whether you own a home, condo, or are renting.

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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

No matter what you drive, SUV, hybrid car or motorcycle; we offer auto insurance quotes that will protect you from loss and save you money with new discounts available.

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Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Trust KW Insurance to provide customized solutions to protect your business or company, including commercial property, auto, and professional liability.

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Winter is Coming #KWsays: Be Prepared   “Winter is coming.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones   Mr. Martin may have popularized this ominous quote in his series of novels-turned-hit-television-show, but we’ve been gearing up for winter and all that it brings for years now.   Don’t get us wrong — winter can be a terrific time of year, full of joyful holidays, exciting family ski trips, and of course eggnog — but the season and its snow storms can cause damage to your home or business if the proper precautions aren’t taken!   #KWsays: heed our home and business winterizing tips below, and have a happy and safe holiday season! ….oh, and we’ll take one more glass of eggnog, please.  
  1. Using an unsafe heater device, such as a portable gasoline heater, propane heater, or charcoal heater, indoors can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. (via Fema)
  2. In case a severe storm leaves you without power or heat, always have an emergency supply kit including water, food, a flashlight, extra batteries, and first aid materials. (via Fema)
  3. Ice dams are an accumulation of ice at the lower edge of a sloped roof due to interior heat melting snow. To reduce the risk of ice dams, make sure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris, keep the attic well-ventilated, and make sure the attic floor is well insulated. (via Institute for Business and Home Safety)
  4. To avoid bursting pipes in extreme cold (most common in attics, crawl spaces and outside walls), fit exposed pipes with insulation to slow heat transfer, seal cracks and holes in outside walls near pipes with caulking, and more via The Weather Channel.
  5. Bring in a contractor to check the structural ability of your roof to hold strong through a heavy accumulation of snow or ice. (via Fema)
  6. Insulate walls, and caulk and weather-strip doors and windows. (via Fema)