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KW Says: College Students! Here’s What You Need To Know About Insurance

As Billy Joel once sang, “I’mmmmm movin’ OUT!” And with all that freedom comes just as much responsibility. You may be thinking “How am I going to cover my stuff?” and “What about if I get in an accident while driving my friend’s car?” Well, @KWsays is here to help. Here are the top things you need to think about when heading off into the great unknown, AKA college!


  1. Check in with your parents’ policy – You will probably buy some new things for your new apartment, whether it’s a flat screen TV or a Macbook Pro, and your parents should check with their agent to make sure their existing home insurance policy covers them. They should ask about their “Personal Property” coverage, as there are provisions that extend coverage to other locations, but there are also age restrictions and other restrictions that should be discussed.
  2. Car insurance – If you bring your car when you go to college, as a student you are still covered under your parents’ car insurance plan. But what if you drive a friend’s car to a party up at UMass Amherst? If you go out with all of your friends and are the designated driver of your friend’s car and get into an accident, you’re responsible. And that means your parents could face staggering costs. Make sure they have a car insurance policy that covers this situation!
  3. The Liability of Roommates – If your roommate throws a party and somebody gets hurt, and your name is on the lease, you are liable! For renter’s insurance that costs as little as $150/year ($3/week), you can cover that liability up to $100,000, and you don’t have to go to your parent’s home insurance. That’s a good way to handle risk.


Want to learn more about the ins and outs of rental and car insurance? We’d be happy to chat! Give @KWsays a call at 617-492-4150.

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